Although not a bank now, this was the building of the first bank in Ann Arbor, the Bank of Washtenaw. The Bank of Washtenaw was formed by a group of local men including James Kingsley, Volney Chapin, and William Thompson. The bank was formed in 1835 whe n liberal banking laws enabled citizens to open banks with little capital down. The bank quickly collapsed and in 1847 the property was sold to Volney Chapin. Chapin converted the bank into a home for him and his wife, Chloe. It was their home for over 25 years. The building itself is brick covered with stucco. It's classified as a Greek Revival building due to its distinctively Greek features, such as oversized shutters. In the 1890s the home became the Arlington Hotel, and later the Catalpa Hotel. The hotels claimed to be unsuccessful enterprises and the building became Joe Parker's tavern. When prohibition struck, the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce bought the building. Although the building is now a bookstore, the word "Joe" is spelled out in tile in the floor signifying the intricate history of the building.