Western Gunfight Games

These are pictures of various western gunfight skirmish style games done by our group.

The first batch are based on the James-Younger gang raid into Northfield Minnesota, September 7 1876. We did this first with a playtest of "Gutshot."

Overview of town (set up at 2002 UCON convention, November 2002)

Closeup of the town as game opens

Jesse James, Jim Younger and Bill Stiles enter town

Frank James, Bob Younger and Charlie Pitts wait to enter bank. Their horses are in front of bank, they will make their move when Jessie is ready to give backkup. Ignore Frank's drawn gun! Townspeople walk about, wondering about these well armed and mounted strangers.

In the Bank. I made a separate bank interior to allow the robbery to be played out.

As the outlaws tried to escape, one got his horse shot, others came under heavy fire from townspeople who went into buildings to get guns.

An overview, down Division Street. Bank is on the right.

The end. The players and gamemaster