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Websites from 2007

Los Repatriados: A Decade of Mexican Repatriation
This website focuses on the Repatriation campaigns of the 1920s and 1930s both nation wide and specifically in Michigan.

Issues in Latina Health
The purpose of this website is to explore health issues facing the Latino community.

Latino Influence in Baseball
The Website explores the "Latinization" of Baseball in the U.S.

The Immigration Debate
The aim of this website is to give our audience a detailed view of the state of undocumented immigration at the outset of 2008.

Struggle for Justice in Oaxaca
This website examines the struggles that citizens of Oaxaca have faced both historically and in the contemporary moment. We highlight the efforts of teachers in Oaxaca that have protested against the state government.

Exploring the Chicana Feminist Movement
The purpose of this website is to gain a cohesive perspective of Chicana Women's Movement, and further the awareness of Chicana Feminism.

Latino Markets and Media Advertising
This web page explores the ways in which companies market and promote their products to the Latino population.

Transnational Gang Transfer: El Salvador and the United States
This site is dedicated to the examination of transnational gang transfer between the United States and El Salvador.

Immigrants in America
This website examines the economic, social, and spatial impact that Latino communities across the nation have on other economic and social groups, as well as the influence that these groups have on the Latino community themselves.

The Latino Connection
This site was designed by University of Michigan students to provide Latino Residents in Washtenaw County with a resource guide.

Dependence of Puerto Rico - United States: Friend or Foe?
This website will provide unbiased information on Puerto Rico's status in the past, present, AND future

Latinos in Michigan
This website provides general information about Latinos in Michigan

These websites are good examples of projects that combine high quality design, research and writing.

To Teach or Not to Teach? Bilingual Education
The purpose of this website is to provide resources to educate the public on the topic of Bilingual Education and to take action to promote it.

Migrant Farm Workers
The purpose of this website is to explore the experiences of migrant farm workers in the United States and the various social issues that affect them: labor issues, healthcare, education, as well as their history.

The Detroit Mural Project
Working closely with artists from Southwest Detroit we made this website to showcase just a sample of the Murals and other street art that Southwest Detroit has to offer. Along with pictures of the murals located in Detroit, we provide links to existing websites that focus on murals in other various cities around the U.S.

The Latino/a Experience in the United States Justice System
This website offers both a quantitative and qualitative examination of the Latino/a experience in the justice system. While providing both data and historical examples, the website also takes a more personal approach by exploring writings from imprisoned Latinos/as.

Rebuilding Southwest Detroit
This website focuses on Latina/o Detroit and on the economic and cultural development of Southwest Detroit.   It includes interviews from past and present Latino residents of Detroit, as well as information on special events that have helped to create a sense of community in Detroit.

Las Soldaderas: The Battlefield Heroines of the Mexican Revolution
This website examines the roles of Las Soldaderas; prominent female figures in the Mexican Revolution. It provides a historical context for their war effort; and discusses modern day ramifications of their revolutionary activities.

Caribbean Music and Dance
This website is dedicated to the native and popular music of the islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Through this website we will demonstrate that to many Latin@s around the world, music encompasses not only dance, but also entire histories and cultures.

Chicana Feminism
Chicana Feminism incorporates a wide variety of ideas and theories. In this site we explore the history, theories and ideological dimensions of Chicana Feminism. This site includes an interview with foundational Chicana feminist, Martha Cotera.

Cesar Chavez: In Memory
This is a webaltar to an American hero, Cesar Chavez. He fought for the Chicano people for many years before passing away on April 23, 1993.

Latino/a Experience in Southwest Detroit
This website offers a first-hand account of the experiences of two Latinas in southwest Detroit, one of whom is Mexican American, and the other Puerto Rican.  The web site also provides information about the southwest side of Detroit including its culture, people, community, economy etc.


The History of Latinos in Major League Baseball
This web page is dedicated to unveiling the historical and current significance of Latinos, from both the United States and foreign countries, to the game of baseball. In this site, we will examine historical trends of Latino players within professional baseball, such as places of origin, prominence, and longevity, across several different generations.

1848: The Mexican American War
This website provides insight into the Mexican-American War. Often confused with the Texas Revolution or the Spanish-American War, the Mexican-American War is a piece of history whose significance should not be rewarded with insignificance or confusion, but rather a knowledge and understanding of the event itself, its precedents, and its lasting effects.

Latina/o Influence in Hip-Hop
The purpose of this website is to educate the viewer about the influence Latinos have maintained in hip-hop in the past and present by defining hip-hop, explaining the current hip-hop movement, justifying Latino history in hip-hop culture, showing the role of hip-hop in politics, and explaining how the immigration patterns of Latinos affects the messages conveyed in their songs.

Latina/o Resources for Washtenaw County
We made this website with the intent to make the world a little smaller for Latinos adjusting to a new life in Washtenaw County. We hope to provide some sense of security and to create an awareness of nearby resources and opportunities for those unfamiliar with the English Language.

Murales: Diego Rivera's Exhibitions in the United States
The purpose of this website is to explore the murals of Diego Rivera and their political implications in the United States, specifically, in the cities of San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City. We will examine the murals Rivera produced in each of the aforementioned cities, his reception by the American public, his intent behind the murals, and the controversy created by some of his paintings.

Latina/os and Science
This website dissects the Latino population's relationship with education and advancement in science. It begins to describe why Latino youth often times do not receive a complete education and therefore are unable to pursue careers in science such as becoming doctors.

Latina/o Activism: Empowering Community
This website explores Latina/o political activism and community organizing at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Latina/o Art: Gender and Art
This website offers both an overview of the development of Chicana/o and Latina/o Art and an online exhibit featuring artists whose work focuses on gender roles.


Latino Student Resource Guide
A guide to the Latino community on the University of Michigan campus. This website will help you navigate through all of the exciting academic programs, special events, and entertainment available to Latina/o students and others interested in Latina/o culture at UM. Bienvenidos!

This website explores the indigenous philosophy at the heart of the Chicano Movement.

Latina Women: The Struggle of Health Care
This website addresses health care issues challenging Latinas, from the sterilization campaigns in the 1970's to the AIDS epidemic that continues to devastate minority communities today

The Cuban American Experience
This website uses oral histories to document the four major waves of Cuban immigration to the U.S. that began shortly after the Cuban revolution in 1959 and continue to this day.

Miami: el pasado, el presente, y el futuro
This website explores the history and current demographic and cultural realities of one of the premier Latina/o cities in the U.S.

The Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional
This website offers an introduction into the history and political ideology of the Zapatista movement in Mexico and examines the impact of this modern day revolution for human rights on the Latino community.

Musica Del Mundo Hispano
This website looks at music that comes from and impacts the Latin World, including Tango, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Mariachi.

Latinos in Sports
This website focuses on the proliferation of Latinos in sports in the United States.

Latina/o Stereotypes in Drawn Media
This website explores the racial stereotypes of Latin Americans in the United States found in the media during the 19th and 20th century, with a focus on pop culture through the medium of cartoons.

The Art of Community
This website explores the impact of Chicano murals and art on the Latina/o community in Detroit, Michigan.

La Reina Tejana
This site is a webaltar dedicated to Latina recording artist Selena Quntanilla

Muralism and the Chicano Art Movement
This site explores the impact of the post-revolutionary Mexican Muralismo movement on Chicano aret from the 1960s and 1970s.

Corridos and Narcocorridos depict real life, from the Mexican Revolution to the Iraq War of today, these songs have glorified heroes and exposed the villains. This website explores the history and current form of Corridos as an important form of Latino expression.


Chicano Art
This site is dedicated to exploring the art of the Chicano culture. The art that we chose to display conveys the struggles of Chicanos during the Chicano movement.  We chose to focus on silk screen posters, because they were a popular art form that Chicanos utilized during this movement.  On this site, there is a gallery of Chicano art as well as information on the background of the art and of the history of Chicanos.

Miami:  The Latino Experience
This site explores the many elements of life in Miami.  We trace the histories of the six largest Latino groups now living in the city and then look at the different communities they live in today. We take a close look at the Miami-Dade County public education system and politics of the local government.

Young Lords Party
This site explores the historical context in which the Young Lords developed, focusing on the sociopolitical factors that shaped the Young Lords.  It discusses particular activities of
the Young Lords, and discusses the idea of Borinquen, as it relates to the Puerto Rican-American experience.

Southwest Food Culture and Mexican Immigration
Have you ever eaten Mexican food and wondered if it was authentic? This website explores the differences between Mexican and Tex-Mex food, the history behind many commonly used Mexican ingredients, and the influences of Mexican immigration on the United States Southwest food culture.

Latino Resources in Washtenaw County
This website provides resources for the Latino community of Washtenaw County.Our goal is to open doors and make people more aware of what is available and accessible, especially to those who cannot communicate well in English.

Cultura es Orgullo, Orgullo es Exito
This is an online art exhibition that explores the interpretation of women through various types of Chicano Art. The curators of this exhibit beileve that art and visual representations often reflect a culture's ideas about women, both negative and positive. With this in mind, we offer this on-line exhibit of art that focuses on the lives of Chicanas, as viewed through the eyes of Latina artists.

Sports in Latin America/Latinos in Sports!
Have you ever noticed how many professional sport stars have last names like Gonzales, Rodrigues, or other names of Latino origin? Well, this website focuses on them and how important they are to the major sports in this country. It also deals with how they have affected, how they affect, and how they will affect the future of professional sports.

United States Intervention in Central America
The history and identity of Central America has been virtually invisible and marginalized within U.S. political discourse, but yet the countries of Central America have been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy. This website goes through the more significant interventions of the U.S. in each Central American country which ranged from financial aid to the military to establishing right-wing death squads.

Mujeres de Impacto
The image of Latinas in the United States has been exploited by the media and the main purpose of our sight will be to address this issue as well as to demonstrate the "real deal" of Latinas in the United States and their impact on various fields such as literature, sports, fashion etc. Yes Latinas are beautiful like Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, but beyond the image, there is potential, power, intelligence, and strength.

Latino Representation in the Media
This website gives a detailed interpretation of Latino representation in today's media.  Through statistics and anecdotes, contemporary television media is analyze in terms of dramas, sitcoms, reality television, and primetime news.  

Latino Hip-Hop
This site travels the viewer back in time to witness the birth of the hip-hop culture.  Latino contributions are outlined from specific artists. Overall, the site provides a detailed synopsis with a Latin taste of hip-hop.

Desi Arnaz and the Cuban-American Experience
This website is a tribute to cuban actor Desi Arnaz, best known for his role as Ricky Ricardo on the hit show "I Love Lucy." This site was designed to provide readers with a better understanding of what Desi Arnaz went through as a Latino in show business, and how he impacted future latinos.

The Cuban American Experience
Cuban Americans have had a major impact on the U.S. economy and have influenced American politics.  Studying these aspects as well as their immigation to the United States is a key part in understanding what has transpired in the lives of Cuban Americans. Visit this website to learn more about the economic and political impact Cuban immigrants have had on the U.S.

Freddie Prinze: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
This site is an altar to the late great Freddie Prinze, Sr. In addition to taking a look at his and his son's lives, we examine Puerto Rican culture in the United States and television statistics for Latinos. We also look briefly at his television show, "Chico and the Man," and other Puerto
Rican celebrities.

Sports in Puerto Rico
This site features information on sports in Puerto Rico and its impact on the culture of the
island. The site focuses on the three most popular sports in Puerto Rico: boxing, basketball, and baseball. We have chosen to examine athletics because it represents the one arena in which a small country can compete on the same level as the rest of the world and make a name for itself. Puerto Ricans cherish their athletes for this reason and in this website we explore this concept in depth.


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