Chicana Feminism

"Chicana Chi·ca·na:

    1. A Mexican-American woman or girl.

feminism fem·i·nism:

    1. Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.
    2. The movement organized around this belief." 31

Chicana Feminism

There is no simple definition for Chicana Feminism. It incorporates a wide variety of ideas and theories. Here are some excerpts that help capture the ideas behind Chicana Feminism:

"Chicana Feminisms constitute a political stance that confronts and undermines patriarchy as it cross-cuts forms of disempowerment and silence such as racism, homophobia, class inequality, and nationalism." 1

"Chicana liberation has meant freedom, emancipation from racism and sexism, plus cultural sovereignty: that the cultural integrity and dignity of a people be recognized and respected as equal to any other" 2

"Chicana feminists analyzed their situation as women as the result not just of gender but of racial/ethnic, national, linguistic , and class dynamics." 3

Issues and Theory
Interview with Martha Cotera



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