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Azteca painted on oil canvas by Pete Escobedo

This map show the borders of the United States and Mexico now, but shows what was considered to be Aztlán (area ranging from Mexico to Nevada, Utah, and Colorado).


Picture belong to Tiffany Torres

Located in Southwest Detroit, this mural shows the respect between Latino farmworkers and the sense of possession among them because they cultivated it.



Picture belongs to Tiffany Torres

A city mural in Southwest Detroit linking what Latinos see in today's society to the Indigenous roots and how Aztlan once looked.







photograph of Rudolfo "Corky" Gonzales from Chicano!



Gloria Anzaldua


Rudolfo Anaya


The Black Eagle






The Virgen of Guadalupe



The Huelga Thunderbird by Andy Zermeo, UFWOC




header about Corky Gonzales' poem, "I am Joaquin"