Musica Del Mundo Hispano
Bossa Nova
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Latin American countries have some of the richest musical traditions of any countries in the world. Many countries celebrate their nation’s music with apride and respect that is not seen in the United States. In many cases Music is more than an entertainment, or an enterprise, it is an integrated part of their Religion and national customs. While Americans do have similar types of music, such a Christmas music, but the impact of music like that on our society as a whole is not nearly as great.


This website looks at just a few of the types of music that come from, and impact the Latin World, Tango, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Mariachi. We will discuss everything from the country of origin, to the Musical roots of each style. As well as the impact on the society of each country, and how the country sometimes helped shape the music, and sometimes the music helped to shape the country. One thing that we have found to be a universal truth to all styles of music from the Latin world, is that the performers of the music, and the people who the music represents, the citizens of each country, have a pride and understanding in their musical roots that is amazingly strong and deeply rooted, in their sense of nation pride and identity.