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William Carlos Williams, Esmerelda Santiago, and Gary Soto

Latinas/os have made long strides in the field of literature.  Whether in poetry, fiction, or other genres, Latino writers have drawn their diversity of experiences to create a unique style all on their own. This colorful and original style has inspired readers of all backgrounds and will continue inspire readers for generations to come.

With this website, we hope to spark interest in the lives and works of three major literary figures from the Latino/a Community: William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), Gary Soto (1952- ), and Esmeralda Santiago (1948- ). Specifically, we have analyzed how their experiences in urban environments served as an inspiration for their works.  Whether it was Williams from New York City and New Jersey, Santiago moving from Puerto Rico to New York City, or Soto from Fresno, California, these writers witnessed firsthand the struggles and hardships of the urban lifestyle. Furthermore, their different urban settings led to a diversity of experiences which therefore led to different perspectives in their work. Overall, this website serves to analyze the similarities and differences between the ways these writers incorporate their urban experiences into their literary works. The urban upbringings of William Carlos Williams, Esmeralda Santiago, and Gary Soto have had distinct and profound effects on each of their writing, yet also groups them together as writers of the city.