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This is an archive of some of the old threads from the Women in Gaming discussion group on Sixdegrees. The group was started in February of 1999 by Anne C. Moore and is not related to any other group called Women in Gaming (although links to sites dealing with women in gaming would be welcome.  E-mail Anne C. Moore with suggestions). The group was open to both men and women and dedicated to discussing the joys and irritations of being a female gamer as well as gaming in general. Subjects covered included role playing (tabletop and LARP), computer games, board games, and anything else that seems relavent.

Sixdegrees died before I managed to complete this archive, so there may be references to discussions that I didn't manage to save. Also, most people posting on Sixdegrees used their full, real names. Due to a couple of requests, I've recently (May 2005) gone through and changed names to initials. This may be confusing in a couple of instances when more than one person has the same initials, but it seemed like the best solution, given the time constraints under which I'm operating. This also means that readers will no longer have name cues to let them know if the person posting was male or female. I did leave in some potentially identifying information that was in the text of posts, and I may well have missed some names.

Sixdegrees allowed responses to responses and showed that by indenting further in its list of responses for that thread. I indented the responses to show which postings are at what level. I've also specified the title of the posting to which each item is a response and the initials of the person who posted the item in question. I have deleted e-mail addresses from signatures as well as automatically generated advertisements by service providers. I have only rarely corrected spelling since I can't even pretend to know what people intended.

Although the list below is alphabetical by thread name, the items have been numbered in the order in which they were archived. You can either follow the threads in that order or keep returning here to see what looks interesting. HELP:  un-imaginative player is the first thread.

Each thread was originally posted in a category. I have not bothered to divide things up by category here since that is often not an accurate predictor of what sorts of discussions one might find. I have included the categories after the names of the threads just for reference, however.

Abstract/Descriptive stats  (Philosophy)
Administration  (General)
Are we all that odd??  (Complaints)
Call girl (don't take it too personal)  (Conventions)
Creative curses  (Advice)
Diablo rocks... where's Diablo 2??  (Computer Games)
Event Descriptions  (Conventions)
EverQuest Players Guild  (Computer Games)
fear  (Advice)
The first taste is free...  (General)
gaming on the net  (Computer Games)
GenCon  (General)
GenCon Questions  (General)
Harn  (Table top RPGs)
HELP:  un-imaginative player...   (Advice)
How do YOU write a scenario  (General)
How small a minority  (General)
In Search of a Butt-Flap  (Complaints)
Intro & Thoughts on Rifts (General)
Kids  (General)
LARP help  (LARPs)
Love and Sex in the game world    (Advice)
Mage the Ascension, anyone? Anyone?  (Advice)
Might and Magic 6  (Computer Games)
New AD&D "Player Option" Rules  (General)
A proposed solution  (Advice)
RPG Board Games  (Board Games)
RPGs... the male zone? (Advice)
Rape in Role Playing Games  (Philosophy)
Sabbat pack leader needs help!  (Advice)
Selfish Players  (Advice)
Want to hear from EVERYONE...  (Philosophy)
Why Not?  (General)

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