aiche benefits


There are many benefits to becoming a national member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  As a member you enjoy access to interview tips,  web seminars (webinars),  help from professionals in the Chemical Engineering field, and many more resources that will be vital now and further in your career.  Here are just a few things that AIChE national members enjoy.  Becoming a national member is free to all students so check out what makes AIChE so valuable for you.  To join AIChE National click here.

Career Resource Center

This page of the site helps members find and succeed at jobs.  This includes resume building help, interview tips, networking supports, and many other helpful guides.

Career Tools Plus

Part of the Career Resource Center, this area helps members get jobs.  This includes the resume reserve area which places your resume in front of thousands of human resource professionals.  There is also the resume maker which helps you build and format your resume

Internship Posting

Companies that are part of the AIChE Scale-Up post internship opportunities to the AIChE Careers area.  These internships include companies such as BP, Air Products, Dow, and Merck.

It’s Free!!!

Chemical Engineering Companies such as Dow, Chevron, and others have provided half a million dollars so that students like you can join AIChE National for free.  Doesn't that show what value these companies place in an AIChE Membership?  For a full list of corporate sponsors, click here.

Live Webinars

Live and archived webinars provide insight from professionals in all fields.  These webinars range from resume preparation to energy concerns.  As a National Student Member these webinars are all free to you.


The AIChE eLibrary puts hundreds of engineering and scientific references, handbooks, standards and databases right at your fingertips.  These are all available 24/7 for you to use as you please.  You can even access Perry's Handbook of Chemical Engineering, and no ChemE can resist that.