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About Us

This CyberGuide was a compilation effort led by Dr. Amy Stillman. During the Winter 2003 session at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Dr. Stillman’s Asian American Music class, a cross-listed American Culture and Musicology class developed this guide to Asian American music both past and present. Research for the CyberGuide was started by:

Kristen Armstrong
Diane Chang
Ai Hisano
Benjamin Lew
Anita Park
Kevin Shi
Yoshiki Saegusa
Rajat Shrivastava
Chris Temporelli
Adam Warshafsky
Tierra Whirl
David Wong
Jessica Woolridge
Alex Wolsky

Website construction and design by: Alex Wolsky.

Printable versions of the CyberGuide prepared by Adam Warshafsky.

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