asian american music: a cyberguide| opening remarks from the creators


Opening Remarks from the Creators

· This CyberGuide started as a class project in Professor Amy Stillman’s Asian American Music Class at the University of Michigan in the Winter of 2003. We offer it as a resource for the Asian American community and hope for its continued growth with your input.

· This CyberGuide is an attempt to gather together the range of information about Asian American music available online. It is only a beginning survey, and is by no means all inclusive. We hope this will be a dynamic and continuing project.

· There is no one definition of Asian American music, yet there is a wealth of music being produced and marketed under this label. Because the “Asian American” label reflects a political coalition, there will always be tensions between a pan-Asian sensibility and ethnic-specific concerns. Our goal here is to enable an exploration of this complexity.

· Music is an effective yet undervalued expression for addressing issues of social concern. Our CyberGuide attempts to identify this particular focus.

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