AR Dog Trainer is a mobile app that uses augmented reality and GPS tracking to help people learn what it is like to raise a dog before adopting one. Learn how often you have to play with them, take them on walks, clean them, feed them, and more all in our app!

Our Purpose

Many people throughout the United States adore the love and affection a dog can give, but not many people know how much effort it is to take care of a dog. Dogs are an incredible time investment, and many people rush to adopt before knowing the full extent of this time investment leading with a dog that is either poorly trained, poorly cared for, or worse- abandoned. AR Dog Trainer is an accessible and fun mobile app that teaches people the time management required to care for a dog before adopting one.

Our Features

This app is designed to be a tool to help potential dog adopters get a taste of what it's like to own a dog. So, a lot of the features of this app are made to mimic activities and behaviors you would see with a dog.

Pet Your Dog!

Although simple, dogs require a lot of physical attention and this greatly improves their mood.

Bathe Your Dog!

Keeping your dog clean and groomed is a very important part of taking care of a dog! Scrub them down with soap and then wash the suds in augmented reality!

Walk Your Dog!

One of the most important steps of properly caring for a dog while getting some exercise. Walk alongside your dog in augmented reality to keep them happy and active!

Pick Up After Your Dog!

Keeping your home and yard clean is not only important for general well being of yourself, but keeping your yard clean will keep your dog from getting sick and upset.

Augmented Reality Interactions

Bring your virtual pet to life using augmented reality! Play fetch, bathe, walk, and feed your dog all in your house!

Mapbox GPS Tracking

Walk your dog and track your routes using GPS powered by Mapbox!

Auto-Tracking To-Do List

Make time-management for your dog easier with an automatically populated and cleared to-do list!

Different Dog Breeds

Personalize your pet with various dog breeds! *May require additional payment*

Mobile Notifications

Stay on top of things with push notifications, simulating the needs of a dog even when you are out and about!


Available for both Android and iOS!

Our Pricing

The app will be free to download, as we want this app to be as accessible as possible. However, users can purchase different virtual dog breeds for 99 cents apiece to customize your experience.
The default dog breed will be a Corgi, but German Shephards, Golden Retrievers, and Chihuahuas will be available for purchase.

Our Devlog

View our development process with our devlog!

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