Hertel, Thomas W.
Hillberry, Russell
Preckel, Paul 1
Arkolakis, Costas 2

Yang, Anton C.

Ph.D. 2021  Purdue
Location (2023): Yale
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Allen, Treb
Ardelean, Adina
Dvorkin, Maximiliano
Lee, Eunhee
Moxnes, Andreas
Narayanan, Badri G.
Reimer, Jeffrey J.
Skiba, Alexandre
Strutt, Anna
Timoshenko, Olga A.
Valenzuela, Ernesto
Walmsley, Terrie
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Yang, Anton C.
Thesis: "Structural Estimation of Non-Homothetic Demand Systems for Quantitative Trade Models"
  1Preckel: "I spent two years of independent studies with Paul who was instrumental in teaching me the optimization theory and numerical implementation of mathematical programming."
  2Arkolakis: "During the last mile of my doctoral studies and post-doc research at Yale, Costas and I met every Friday to derive a counterfactual solution to implicit additive relationships in GE models."