Cragg, John 1
Lipsey, Richard 2
Woodland, Alan 3
Diewert, W. Erwin 4

Harris, Richard G.

Ph.D. 1975  UBC
Location (2023): Simon Fraser
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Burgess, David F.
Caselli, Mauro
Copeland, Brian R.
Kohli, Ulrich
Oslington, Paul
Turunen-Red, Arja H.
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Robertson, Peter E.
Taylor, M. Scott

Harris, Richard G.
Thesis: "Essays in Capital Market Equilibrium"
  1Cragg: "He apparently was taught at Princeton by Jacob Viner as a note of interest."
  2Lipsey: "My main interest in trade came through other instructors. These included Richard Lipsey as an undergraduate at Queen's University ..."
  3Woodland: "... and Alan Woodland ..."
  4Diewert: "... and Erwin Diewert in graduate school."