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Anderson, James E.
Manne, Alan S.
Mathiesen, Lars
Norman, Victor D.
Scarf, Herbert
Stern, Robert M.
Tower, Edward
Kaempfer, William H.
Maskus, Keith E.
Markusen, James R. 1
Rutherford, Thomas F. 2

Balistreri, Edward J.

Ph.D. 1995  Colorado
Location (2023): Nebraska

Balistreri, Edward J.
Thesis: "Preference Revelation and the Endogenous Trade Policy Model: Empirical and Experimental Evidence for Stolper-Samuelson Welfare Effects
  1Markusen: "Although he was not on my committee, Jim was instrumental in teaching me microeconomic theory at the University of Colorado"
  2Rutherford: "Introduced me to a wide array of computation tools, which I apply on an almost daily basis"