Caves, Richard E. 1
Houthakker, Hendrik 2
Bhagwati, Jagdish N. 3

Hazari, Bharat

Ph.D. 1973  Harvard
Location (2024): City U HK
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Sgro, Pasquale

Hazari, Bharat
Thesis: "A Study of Some Aspects of Factor Market Distortions and the Pure Theory of International Trade"
  1Caves: "Professor Richard Caves was like an encyclopedia. He had left trade theory a long time ago but his understanding of trade theory was remarkable. He could answer all my queries on distortion theory before I had completed asking him a question. His organization was brilliant and I learnt a lot from him."
  2Houthakker: "Professor Houthakker was an incredible teacher and source of great inspiration. He taught without notes and I rarely saw him struggle during his lectures. He was so distinguished but extremely humble."
  3Bhagwati: "Professor Jagdish Bhagwati got me interested in distortion and trade theory an interest that has kept me going all my life."