Conti, Giuliano 1
Kierzkowski, Henryk I. 2
Venables, Anthony 3

De Benedictis, Luca

Ph.D. 1992  Ancona
Location (2024): Macerata
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Amiti, Mary
Behar, Alberto
Bonfatti, Roberto
Breinlich, Holger
Demir, Banu
Handley, Kyle
Limão, Nuno
Moner-Colonques, Rafael
Muûls, Mirabelle
Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
Overman, Henry
Petropoulou, Dimitra
Puga, Diego
Robert-Nicoud, Frédéric
Soo, Kwok Tong
Sturm, Daniel
Turrini, Alessandro
Ulltveit-Moe, Karen-Helene (ne Midelfart)
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Colacicco, Rudy

De Benedictis, Luca
Thesis: "Protectionism in an Industrialized Economy Archetype. A Model with Variable Scale Economies, Differentiated Products and Endogenous Trade Policy"
  1Conti: "PhD advisor at the University of Ancona"
  2Kierzkowski: "My MS advisor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies"
  3Venables: "My PhD foreign supervisor when he was at the University of Southampton"