Dorfman, Robert A. 1
Houthakker, Hendrik S. 2
Leontief, Wassily 3
Sen, Amartya 4

Guha, Ashok

Ph.D. 1963  Harvard
Location (2023): JNU
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Chenery, Hollis B.
Dixon, Peter B.
Evans, H. David
Petri, Peter
Samuelson, Paul A.
Travis, William P.
Wonnacott, Ronald J.
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Barua, Alokesh
Ghosh, Madanmohan

Guha, Ashok
Thesis: "Disguised unemployment and the theory of factor substitution"
  1Dorfman: "Dorfman was an economist incredibly responsive to and appreciative of new ideas. In this, he matched the legendary Bob Solow. He was also an extraordinarily gifted expositor, capable of simplifying the most complex models down to their bare essentials without losing a drop of their essence. In these days when economic theory thrives on complexity and specialization, and it is almost impossible to break into print in a major journal without a generous dose of mumbo-jumbo, we could have done with another Dorfman."
  2Houthakker: "Houthakker was an extremely insightful mathematician and an exceedingly sweet and helpful man."
  3Leontief: "Leontief was simply the greatest teacher I have ever known. He had no graces, spoke haltingly in a strange accent, never cited an authority or made a learned reference, worked everythng out from first principles and often made mistakes (deliberate?). These would then be corrected by some student who took pity on this bumbling and somewhat clownish old man. Many of his students went through his entire course on Advanced Economic Theory with precisely this impression of their teacher. Yet midway through the course, you realized that you were changing. You had begun as a student of economics but were now becoming an economist yourself defining and solving problems all on your own. Most people thought they had accomplished this transformation all by themselves. Leontief could not have cared less that he did not get the credit. But the questions he asked, the niggling little puzzles he set that scratched away at your mind till you felt compelled to find solutions, were asolutely the heart and soul of the experience of being a graduate student in economics at Harvard."
  4Sen: "Sen made economics sparkle. He could present his ideas in the most beguiling ways and had an incredible ability to surprise you with truths that were simple but never-noticed before. On the personal level, he was an incredibly generous and helpful person."