Gallery 1: Northern Michigan  [page 1]

The following photos were taken during a trip in May of 1999.

US 23, looking north, south of Tawas, MI.

Looking south at the south approach of the Mackinac Bridge (I-75 South).

Mackinac Bridge (I-75), looking north from Mackinaw City, MI.

Close-up view of above.

Northbound M-26, looking east, in South Range, MI.

Houghton-Hancock Lift Bridge (US-41, M-26) looking SE towards Houghton.

US-41 North, looking NE, about 6 miles short of Copper Harbor, MI.

US-41 South (looking West), Copper Harbor, MI. At the flasher, US-41 bends left, and 
 M-26 South begins, straight ahead. Also, note the distance sign to Miami, FL!

The beginning of US 41, 2 miles west of Copper Harbor, MI. Curiously enough, the
highway does not end at another road, or in a town - rather, it ends in a cul-de-sac about
1 mile past the entrance to Ft. Wilkins State Park. There is no "END US 41" sign either,
just a simple "Road Ends" sign and the above marker. Although the paved highway ends
at this point, a dirt road extends about 8 miles from here to the tip
of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The remainder of the photos in this gallery were taken during a trip in August of 2004.

M-168 approaching it's western terminus in the village of Elberta.

Historical marker seen in above photo.

The western terminus of M-168.

Nonstandard One Way sign in the city of Frankfort.

Unusually low speed limit for a city street, also in Frankfort.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore visitors center located on M-72 in Empire (looking east).

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