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Academy of American Poets
Contemporary Poetry Review
English Poetry Database
(UM only)
Free Verse e-journal
Poetry Daily: a new poem every day
Poetry Pages from the Atlantic Unbound
Representative Poetry (UToronto Press)
Sonnet Central
Web Del Sol


Early Modern Colloquium at U of M
Early Modern England Source
e-texts from Early Modern Literary Studies
Aemilia Lanyer homepage
Works of Christopher Marlowe
Thomas Middleton's plays
Milton-L home page
Renaissance Society of America
Renascence Editions (early modern e-texts)
Shakespeare and the Internet
Social Sites of Renaissance Lyrics
Edmund Spenser Home Page
Surfing With the Bard


JHU Guide to Literary Theory
Lacanian trading cards
Semiotics for Beginners
Swirl, Warren Hedges' theory site
Thinka Links compiled by Timothy Takemoto
Mimi Nguyen's

other academic and literary sites

Bodleian Library
Classics links from UM
Diotima (women in the ancient world)
Modern Language Association
The Libyrinth
Perseus Project (Greek & Latin texts)
Silva Rhetorica: Forest of Rhetoric
UMich English Department
Victorian Women Writers Project
The Voice of the Shuttle

colleagues, friends, relatives, and people who link to this site

Sabiha Ahmad
Stephen Burt
Tonya Howe
Rose Toomey
my dad's home page at UPenn


A List Apart
Women and Computer Science
WWW Consortium
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

news, magazines, other frequent reads

Arts & Letters Daily
Chronicle of Higher Education
Internet Movie Database
Neat Lesson
The New York Times
Rotten Tomatoes (movie reviews)
The Village Voice

time-wasting / silly / odd

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
The Darwin Awards
The Institute of Official Cheer misheard song lyric archive
Monty Python online
The Onion
The Postmodernism Generator
Ulysses for Dummies

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