UMich BJJ ForumThe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club's goal is to branch out into each style of grappling and search for new techniques and concepts while maintaining the traditional movements that made it so effective. Each practice session details the result-producing tension between grappling skill and submission technique with an emphasis on leverage over strength. Our club is open to University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the surrounding community. Association with the University is not a requirement for club membership. Please read the extensive FAQ section for further information.

The club is looking forward to an excellent 2013-2014 school year. Any new interested students are free to try out the club, all you have to do is show up! We look forward to meeting you.

Facebook page: Wolverine Jiu Jitsu

As a club sport at the University of Michigan, we cater primarily to the students of the university. We also work with individuals who live in or near the university area. Because we are not a profit-making organization we are unable to officially attach ourselves to any one school or instructor. However, we feel it's important to learn from the best.

Our current instruction comes from the following sources:

* Brian Keckan, Brown belt under Carlos Enrique "Caique" Elias from Warrior Way. He leads our gi sessions.


1) When and where are practices?
Please see the schedule tab.

2) What should I wear?
If you are just beginning, shorts and a t-shirt are fine. If you continue with the sport, you will need a Gi. The club does have a wholesale account with Manto, so we can purchase good quality gis at a discount. We will organize one order a semester.

3)Is there any experience required?
NEVER. All of our classes are open to individuals with no athletic/sports experience of any kind. All you need is patience and drive. In fact, everyone on the current board began in the club with no experience.

4) Can I start later in the semester?
Yes. You only have to pay for the months of the club you participate in. After mid-October, only the monthly due rate is available.

5) I am really busy, can I only attend some of the classes?
Yes, we understand that many of you have work, family and school first so please attend as many as you would like. However, there are no discounts for partial attendance.

6) Can I try the club out first before I join?
Yes. No matter the date of your first lesson, you have two weeks to decide if the club is right for you.

7) Is there Spring/Summer instruction?
There are no formal classes at this time, but club members have set up open mat sessions on their own time.

8) Can non-students and faculty attend?
Yes, all are welcome to join us. As a non-student you will have to inform us of your status so we can add you to the list of non-student members. Then you can go to the Central Campus Recreational Building Rec Sports office to obtain an M-Card. There is a 60 dollar per semester fee for a Rec Sport pass. To be clear, you cannot purchase the pass until we get in contact with Rec Sports first to add you to the list of non-students. Until that time you will have to pay the ten dollar day fee to enter the IM building (assuming a member will serve as your sponsor). We are happy to come to the desk and help you come in for the day, just contact us in advance.

9) Does your club compete and can I earn belts?
While our club does travel to competitions, we do not require active participation as part of your club membership. The progression of belts are white-->blue-->purple-->brown-->black. Unlike many martial arts, attaining a black belt is no easy task and requires a major time investment. Our instructors do conduct belt tests throughout the year so it is possible for you to advance in rank. It all depends on your personal skill progression.

10) What will it cost me to train?
$110 per semester or $40 per month. The monthly rate is your opportunity to avoid paying a semester due if you are unsure if you will continue in the club. See question 11 below for more.

11) Does your club do refunds if I find I can no longer participate in the club?
While we understand that students and other members may have changing life circumstances, it is our policy to under no circumstances offer a refund of club dues. We offer the monthly payment plan as an optional "insurance" if a student feels they would like to avoid overpaying for their club participation.


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling community is growing every day. Below are a few links separated by type:

Colleges and Universities with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and/or Submission Wrestling clubs:
* College of William and Mary - brazilian jiu-jitsu
* Dublin City University, Ireland - brazilian jiu-jitsu
* Marshall University - brazilian jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA Academies:
* Ann Arbor Jiu Jitsu - Local Black-belt Sean Bansfield's school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
* Warrior Way (Team Caique) - Caique affiliate in Walled Lake, Michigan.
* Xande Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu - Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro academy in Toledo, Ohio.
* Matt Jubera Jiu-Jitsu - Matt Jubera, Ribeiro academy in Longmont, Colorado.
* RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu - Carlos Machado's academy in Dallas, Texas.
* Radical Jiu-Jitsu - MMA focused Brazilian jiu-jitsu in New York City.

Industry Links:
* Manto Fightgear - Our current wholesale gi partners. Makers of quality gear for brazilian jiu-jitsu, submisssion wrestling, and mixed-martial arts.
* GrappleArts - a site dedicated to the improvement of grappling and groundfighting skills