side one of the Phaistos

"First" side of the Phaistos disk.

A conversion of the pictograms to a systematic symbol representation is given in the text below. Read from right to left (after the asterisk at each line's beginning), then top to bottom. I have used the numbers 1 - 45 and given the first digit as a letter for ease of distinguishing symbols. A chart used by R. W. Hutchinson in his book Prehistoric Crete was used to match numbers to pictograms. At a later time I will include the chart.

a7,e0,c2,b2,a2 *
d5,a7,e5,c7 *
d6,c3,d7,a2 *
c7,c5,c2 *
b2,c0,c4,d3 *
e3,b8,c3,b6 *
d3,d9,a1,d7 *
b8,a1,a7,b5 *
c5,e2,d7,c2 *
d5,e0,c4,a7 *
e0,d6,c6,a2 *
a1,d8,c5,c7 *
Here begins a new ring

d5,c0,c4,c4,c9 *
b8,b4,b6 *
a1,d3,c9 *
d3,d9,d2,d6,a6 *
a1,c7,a9,a2 *
a8,a7,d6,c9 *
b3,a8,c9 *
a7,e5,c9 *
a8,a7,d6,c9,c2 *
Here begins a new ring

c5,c3,d4,c7 *
d5,b8,a7 *
a7,e5,a7 *
c4,b8,c3,a7 *
a8,a7,d6,c9,c2 *
a7,b8,d9,d0,a9 *
Here begins a new ring

a7,c3,d5,a6,a2 *
c5,c3,d0,d4 *
a7,e5 *

Have a look at some obsevations about the contents of side "A".

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