Worlds within worlds. Photoshop 6, 35mm photography, screenshot
of the Layers palette along with the project.

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Book List for Photoshop 3 (Tamalpais Community Education series)

These books are not required reading in any way for this class. They represent some of the best of the advanced books on Photoshop as a guideline to professional proficiency in using the program.

1.Photoshop Color Correction by Michael Kieran. Peachpit Press 2003. $50. This is the top of my list and is the best book on advanced color work that I have seen.

2.Photoshop Masking & Compositing by Katrin Eisman. New Riders , 2005, $55. This book is the best book on masking in Photoshop which has been written (there are not many and my next book is another).

3.Adobe Photoshop Unmasked: The Art and Science of Selections, Layers, and Paths. This is by Nigel French and published by Adobe Press (printed by Peachpit) 2007. $45. These first three books are listed as intermediate to advanced user level. They are well written, easy to read, and very clear. Together they will give you all the skills you need for almost any Photoshop project.

4.Restoration & Retouching by Katrin Eisman. New Riders, 3rd Editon, 2006. The fact that a Photoshop book can go into a 3rd edition is remarkable. Obviously this book has an audience. This is good for color retouching and restoration of damaged photographs. $50

5.Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers by Martin Evening. Focal Press, 2007. This book is recommended as one of the best books for professional photographers using Photoshop. It includes extensive material on Layers, Layer Groups, masking, workflow for the professional photographer, and, a detailed look at Photoshop strategies in image composing and color correction. $47

6.Creating Photomontages with Photoshop (A Designer's Notebook). Translated by William Rodarmor. This is part of a new series published by O'Reilly in 2005. This and the next book on the list were written by 9 different French graphic artists and photographers for each book, describing the details of published projects. This series of books is aimed at working artists and graphics illustrators and will give the reader a crystal clear view of Photoshop projects in the working world of publishing. $25.

7.Illustrations with Photoshop (A Designer's Notebook). See the description above. This is the same series and is also translated by William Rodamor in 2005. This particular book is of interest to illustrators. The beginning scan might be a drawing adapted from a photograph. However, one project was for a book and used photographed architecture as the beginning stage. The book I have described in no. 2 is all photographic montage. O'Reilly 2005, $25.

8.Professional Photoshop by Dan Margulis. Peachpit Press, 2007. $60. In importance to Photoshop literature, this book should be number 1. Dan Margulis is revered in the world of Photoshop and is a writer in the Photoshop Hall of Fame. I do not put him at the top of the list because this book and the book on Lab Color Space are difficult reading and require a good knowledge of Photoshop and plenty of experience in working in color correction to understand. However, once you arrive at that level, you have arrived!

9.Traditional Photographic Effects with Adobe Photoshop by Michelle Perkins and Paul Grant. Published by Amherst Media, another of the publishers specializing in technical books for photography; priced at $30. This is a unique book that describes the steps in Photoshop to create the look of a variety of film processes: infrared, solarization (Sabbatier Effect), cross processed film, toning, hand colored prints - to name a few. It is a very good book and in a class of its own!

There is a growing list of books about Photoshop that go far beyond the limits of a reference manual. These are specialty books which have been written by very imaginative users of Photoshop who are artists in their own right. These books never go out of date or lose their value: they represent some of the best literature about an imaginative and highly personal use of digital imaging technology. The level of sophistication which digital image creation is reaching is worthy of attention.

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