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Night Photography. Premiere 6.
Superimposed video clips with transparency keyed for luminance.

Bolex H16 Non Reflex ca. 1955.
A classic 16mm film camera often used for documentary filmmaking. Bolex cameras are durable and made with Swiss precision. The design was exceptional and many of the features of the 1950s cameras remain unchanged in the current reflex models. Super 8mm is more economical at $25 to $40 for a 50 foot cartridge. 16mm will run $45 to $80 per 100 foot daylight spool of 2.5 minute duration. Super 8mm has a resolution equal to any consumer to professional DV format video camera. 16mm ranks higher in resolution and can be blown to 35mm projection prints with very high quality. New Bolex H16 cameras can be gotten in Super 16mm format (compatible with wide screen 16:9) for under $6000 and the standard 1.33 aspect cameras are about $3500 new. Used Bolex cameras are often in excellent working order and under $2000.

For my Tamalpais Community Education classes in Adobe Premiere, I have put together the following list of useful books. This list is not at all exhaustive but only a sampling of some useful books on some of the issues envolved in video editing and filmmaking from a computer base, using both video and film cameras.

A short jog to the memory of the many functions in the source monitor.
Also, see some useful information about masking for both Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.

View an editing and cinematography demo that is a low resolution WMV movie file of 2 MB.

Concepts in short films.

Film Arts Foundation at is the best and primary resource for independent filmmaking in the Bay Area.

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