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Me I'm an avid digital TV, HDTV, and satellite TV & radio hobbyist. Here are my my MPEG-2 / ATSC transport stream tools, my XM-PCR automation program, and my digital TV guide. I figured out how to receive DMX satellite audio, how to use an office headset with my cell phone, and I put a high-gain wireless antenna on my laptop. I collect old computers: please send me e-mail if you have something that I might be interested in.

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Photo by Robert Brown
/ Belinda Carter

I am employed as a software engineer at Proofpoint in Sunnyvale, California, where I apply machine learning to spam filtering. In summer 2006, I did a research project at MBARI on predicting operability for their ocean research vessels. Before that I spent a year as a PhD student at the University Michigan, specializing in artifical intelligence - though I didn't finish my degree. Previously I earned my master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. I've done natural language processing research under Dragomir Radev, and temporal planning research under Martha Pollack.

Citrus Parade
Photo by Linda Bickel
The Michigan Marching Band was my way of life for my undergraduate years and into grad school. It's an amazing organization, with unmatched spirit, skill, camaraderie, professionalism, and work ethic. I've performed in many games, and taken dozens of trips to places like California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Check out my MMB Photo Gallery and MMB video & audio.

I've also performed in the U of M Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Ensemble, Campus Band, and University Band.

Playing DDR at Shannon's summer '06 party I play Dance Dance Revolution regularly. Here is my DDR Soft Pad FAQ. I love music, science, the Internet, "The Simpsons", "Star Trek",  "Bill Nye the Science Guy", "Strangers with Candy", and "Mystery Science Theater 3000", "Sealab 2021", and "Trigger Happy TV".

Some of my friends:  Tim Perrine, Bryan Wong, Tim Luk, Kazuki Shiozawa, Richie Law, Chi Ming Chu, Jethro Law, Greg & Sara Huff, Keith & Sarah Feldt, Cong Yu, Johan Mahmood, and Hsiu-Wei Hu.

Tim Perrine This is a sample of some fabulous artwork that came from my friend Tim Perrine. This particular piece was created during an interesting lunch at La Señorita in Mt. Pleasant during CMU Jazz Weekend 1996. Click on the picture to learn more about Tim and his artistic skill.