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BAMN organizing meeting to coordinate the mass campaign to defeat the so-called Michigan "Civil Rights" Initiative this Monday, September 19
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Reverse the Drop in Minority Enrollment
at the University of Michigan

In the context of the increase in access to quality higher education expressed in this year’s increased student enrollment, access to the University of Michigan for black, Latino, and Asian Pacific American students has declined. The number of black first-year students at the University of Michigan dropped 13.2% from the fall of 2003 to the fall of 2004. The incoming 2004 class at U of M is now only 5.9% black as contrasted to the college-aged population of Michigan which is almost 20% black.

This level of segregation at U of M is unacceptable. It sets a dangerous precedent for other colleges and universities across the country that are looking to U of M as the standard bearer of integration because of the US Supreme Court victory for affirmative action in Grutter v. Bollinger. U of M must use this historic victory to achieve the diversity and integration that are these policies’ fundamental aim.

We, the undersigned, demand that the U of M administration reverse this drop in minority enrollment at U of M with greatly expanded recruitment, admissions and retention efforts.

Download the petition: reverse_the_drop_petition-10.01.2004-um_bamn.pdf

Things You Can Do:

  • Have your student group endorse the petition and the campaign
    (Contact Cyril Cordor * 734.255.0835 * for endorsements)
  • Help us petition on campus to gather more signatures and support.
  • Take petitions to your classes and friends to get others to sign and circulate the petition
  • Come to our weekly organizing meetings to coordinate the effort


Make Coors Pay for Funding Racism!
Defend Affirmative Action!
Defend the Victory in Grutter v. Bollinger!



Join the New Civil Rights Movement! Join BAMN!
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BAMN Weekly Organizing Meetings
Every Monday at 7PM
in the Michigan League
Contact person: Kate Stenvig * 734.904.4424 *


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