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SDL_DirectFB_WM.h File Reference

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struct  _DFB_Theme


typedef struct _DFB_Theme DFB_Theme


void DirectFB_WM_AdjustWindowLayout (SDL_Window *window, int flags, int w, int h)
DFBResult DirectFB_WM_GetClientSize (_THIS, SDL_Window *window, int *cw, int *ch)
int DirectFB_WM_ProcessEvent (_THIS, SDL_Window *window, DFBWindowEvent *evt)
void DirectFB_WM_RedrawLayout (_THIS, SDL_Window *window)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _DFB_Theme DFB_Theme

Definition at line 27 of file SDL_DirectFB_WM.h.

Function Documentation

void DirectFB_WM_AdjustWindowLayout ( SDL_Window window,
int  flags,
int  w,
int  h 
DFBResult DirectFB_WM_GetClientSize ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window,
int cw,
int ch 
int DirectFB_WM_ProcessEvent ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window,
DFBWindowEvent *  evt 
void DirectFB_WM_RedrawLayout ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window