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SDL_DirectFB_dyn.h File Reference

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#define DFB_SYMS


int SDL_DirectFB_LoadLibrary (void)
void SDL_DirectFB_UnLoadLibrary (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DFB_SYMS
DFB_SYM(DFBResult, DirectFBError, (const char *msg, DFBResult result), (msg, result), return) \
DFB_SYM(DFBResult, DirectFBErrorFatal, (const char *msg, DFBResult result), (msg, result), return) \
DFB_SYM(const char *, DirectFBErrorString, (DFBResult result), (result), return) \
DFB_SYM(const char *, DirectFBUsageString, ( void ), (), return) \
DFB_SYM(DFBResult, DirectFBInit, (int *argc, char *(*argv[]) ), (argc, argv), return) \
DFB_SYM(DFBResult, DirectFBSetOption, (const char *name, const char *value), (name, value), return) \
DFB_SYM(DFBResult, DirectFBCreate, (IDirectFB **interface), (interface), return) \
DFB_SYM(const char *, DirectFBCheckVersion, (unsigned int required_major, unsigned int required_minor, unsigned int required_micro), \
(required_major, required_minor, required_micro), return)
EGLImageKHR EGLint * name
Definition: eglext.h:284
GLuint64EXT * result
Definition: glew.h:12708
EGLSurface EGLint void ** value
Definition: eglext.h:301

Definition at line 25 of file SDL_DirectFB_dyn.h.

Function Documentation

int SDL_DirectFB_LoadLibrary ( void  )
void SDL_DirectFB_UnLoadLibrary ( void  )