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SDL_DirectFB_shape.h File Reference
#include <directfb.h>
#include "../SDL_sysvideo.h"
#include "SDL_shape.h"

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struct  SDL_ShapeData


SDL_WindowDirectFB_CreateShapedWindow (const char *title, unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, Uint32 flags)
SDL_WindowShaperDirectFB_CreateShaper (SDL_Window *window)
int DirectFB_ResizeWindowShape (SDL_Window *window)
int DirectFB_SetWindowShape (SDL_WindowShaper *shaper, SDL_Surface *shape, SDL_WindowShapeMode *shapeMode)

Function Documentation

SDL_Window* DirectFB_CreateShapedWindow ( const char *  title,
unsigned int  x,
unsigned int  y,
unsigned int  w,
unsigned int  h,
Uint32  flags 
SDL_WindowShaper* DirectFB_CreateShaper ( SDL_Window window)
int DirectFB_ResizeWindowShape ( SDL_Window window)
int DirectFB_SetWindowShape ( SDL_WindowShaper shaper,
SDL_Surface shape,
SDL_WindowShapeMode shapeMode