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SDL_androidkeyboard.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_androidvideo.h"

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SDL_bool Android_HasScreenKeyboardSupport (_THIS)
void Android_InitKeyboard (void)
SDL_bool Android_IsScreenKeyboardShown (_THIS, SDL_Window *window)
int Android_OnKeyDown (int keycode)
int Android_OnKeyUp (int keycode)
void Android_SetTextInputRect (_THIS, SDL_Rect *rect)
void Android_StartTextInput (_THIS)
void Android_StopTextInput (_THIS)

Function Documentation

SDL_bool Android_HasScreenKeyboardSupport ( _THIS  )
void Android_InitKeyboard ( void  )
SDL_bool Android_IsScreenKeyboardShown ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window 
int Android_OnKeyDown ( int  keycode)
int Android_OnKeyUp ( int  keycode)
void Android_SetTextInputRect ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Rect rect 
void Android_StartTextInput ( _THIS  )
void Android_StopTextInput ( _THIS  )