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SDL_blit_1.c File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_video.h"
#include "SDL_blit.h"
#include "SDL_sysvideo.h"
#include "SDL_endian.h"

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#define HI   1
#define LO   0


static void Blit1to1 (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to1Key (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to2 (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to2Key (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to3 (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to3Key (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to4 (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1to4Key (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1toNAlpha (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
static void Blit1toNAlphaKey (SDL_BlitInfo *info)
SDL_BlitFunc SDL_CalculateBlit1 (SDL_Surface *surface)


static const SDL_BlitFunc one_blit []
static const SDL_BlitFunc one_blitkey []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HI   1

Definition at line 74 of file SDL_blit_1.c.

Referenced by Blit1to2().

#define LO   0

Definition at line 75 of file SDL_blit_1.c.

Referenced by Blit1to2().

Function Documentation

Variable Documentation

const SDL_BlitFunc one_blit[]
Initial value:
= {
(SDL_BlitFunc) NULL, Blit1to1, Blit1to2, Blit1to3, Blit1to4
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
static void Blit1to2(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:81
static void Blit1to3(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:188
static void Blit1to4(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:237
static void Blit1to1(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:31

Definition at line 511 of file SDL_blit_1.c.

Referenced by SDL_CalculateBlit1().

const SDL_BlitFunc one_blitkey[]
Initial value:
= {
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
static void Blit1to3Key(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:364
static void Blit1to2Key(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:332
static void Blit1to4Key(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:397
static void Blit1to1Key(SDL_BlitInfo *info)
Definition: SDL_blit_1.c:285

Definition at line 515 of file SDL_blit_1.c.