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SDL_keyboard_c.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_keycode.h"
#include "SDL_events.h"

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void SDL_GetDefaultKeymap (SDL_Keycode *keymap)
int SDL_KeyboardInit (void)
void SDL_KeyboardQuit (void)
void SDL_ResetKeyboard (void)
int SDL_SendEditingText (const char *text, int start, int end)
int SDL_SendKeyboardKey (Uint8 state, SDL_Scancode scancode)
int SDL_SendKeyboardText (const char *text)
void SDL_SetKeyboardFocus (SDL_Window *window)
void SDL_SetKeymap (int start, SDL_Keycode *keys, int length)
void SDL_SetScancodeName (SDL_Scancode scancode, const char *name)

Function Documentation

void SDL_GetDefaultKeymap ( SDL_Keycode keymap)

Definition at line 579 of file SDL_keyboard.c.

References SDL_default_keymap, and SDL_memcpy().

int SDL_KeyboardInit ( void  )

Definition at line 553 of file SDL_keyboard.c.

References SDL_default_keymap, SDL_keyboard, and SDL_memcpy().

Referenced by SDL_VideoInit().

void SDL_KeyboardQuit ( void  )

Definition at line 827 of file SDL_keyboard.c.

Referenced by SDL_VideoQuit().

void SDL_ResetKeyboard ( void  )
int SDL_SendEditingText ( const char *  text,
int  start,
int  end 
void SDL_SetKeymap ( int  start,
SDL_Keycode keys,
int  length 

Definition at line 585 of file SDL_keyboard.c.

References SDL_keyboard, SDL_memcpy(), and SDL_NUM_SCANCODES.

void SDL_SetScancodeName ( SDL_Scancode  scancode,
const char *  name 

Definition at line 597 of file SDL_keyboard.c.

References SDL_scancode_names.