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SDL_mouse_c.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_mouse.h"

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struct  SDL_Cursor
struct  SDL_Mouse


typedef Uint32 SDL_MouseID


SDL_MouseSDL_GetMouse (void)
int SDL_MouseInit (void)
void SDL_MouseQuit (void)
int SDL_SendMouseButton (SDL_Window *window, SDL_MouseID mouseID, Uint8 state, Uint8 button)
int SDL_SendMouseMotion (SDL_Window *window, SDL_MouseID mouseID, int relative, int x, int y)
int SDL_SendMouseWheel (SDL_Window *window, SDL_MouseID mouseID, int x, int y)
void SDL_SetDefaultCursor (SDL_Cursor *cursor)
void SDL_SetMouseFocus (SDL_Window *window)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 28 of file SDL_mouse_c.h.

Function Documentation

int SDL_MouseInit ( void  )

Definition at line 41 of file SDL_mouse.c.

References SDL_Mouse::cursor_shown, SDL_GetMouse(), and SDL_TRUE.

Referenced by SDL_VideoInit().

int SDL_SendMouseMotion ( SDL_Window window,
SDL_MouseID  mouseID,
int  relative,
int  x,
int  y 
int SDL_SendMouseWheel ( SDL_Window window,
SDL_MouseID  mouseID,
int  x,
int  y 
void SDL_SetDefaultCursor ( SDL_Cursor cursor)