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SDL_nullframebuffer_c.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"

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int SDL_DUMMY_CreateWindowFramebuffer (_THIS, SDL_Window *window, Uint32 *format, void **pixels, int *pitch)
void SDL_DUMMY_DestroyWindowFramebuffer (_THIS, SDL_Window *window)
int SDL_DUMMY_UpdateWindowFramebuffer (_THIS, SDL_Window *window, const SDL_Rect *rects, int numrects)

Function Documentation

int SDL_DUMMY_CreateWindowFramebuffer ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window,
Uint32 format,
void **  pixels,
int pitch 
void SDL_DUMMY_DestroyWindowFramebuffer ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window 
int SDL_DUMMY_UpdateWindowFramebuffer ( _THIS  ,
SDL_Window window,
const SDL_Rect rects,
int  numrects