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SDL_pixels_c.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_blit.h"

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SDL_BlitMapSDL_AllocBlitMap (void)
int SDL_CalculatePitch (SDL_Surface *surface)
void SDL_DitherColors (SDL_Color *colors, int bpp)
Uint8 SDL_FindColor (SDL_Palette *pal, Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b, Uint8 a)
void SDL_FreeBlitMap (SDL_BlitMap *map)
int SDL_InitFormat (SDL_PixelFormat *format, Uint32 pixel_format)
void SDL_InvalidateMap (SDL_BlitMap *map)
int SDL_MapSurface (SDL_Surface *src, SDL_Surface *dst)

Function Documentation

int SDL_CalculatePitch ( SDL_Surface surface)
void SDL_DitherColors ( SDL_Color colors,
int  bpp 

Definition at line 718 of file SDL_pixels.c.

References SDL_Color::a, SDL_Color::b, SDL_Color::g, i, SDL_Color::r, and SDL_ALPHA_OPAQUE.

Referenced by MapNto1().

Uint8 SDL_FindColor ( SDL_Palette pal,
Uint8  r,
Uint8  g,
Uint8  b,
Uint8  a 
void SDL_FreeBlitMap ( SDL_BlitMap map)

Definition at line 1077 of file SDL_pixels.c.

References SDL_free(), and SDL_InvalidateMap().

Referenced by SDL_FreeSurface().