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SDL_syshaptic.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_haptic.h"

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struct  _SDL_Haptic
struct  haptic_effect


void SDL_SYS_HapticClose (SDL_Haptic *haptic)
void SDL_SYS_HapticDestroyEffect (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect)
int SDL_SYS_HapticGetEffectStatus (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect)
int SDL_SYS_HapticInit (void)
int SDL_SYS_HapticMouse (void)
const char * SDL_SYS_HapticName (int index)
int SDL_SYS_HapticNewEffect (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect, SDL_HapticEffect *base)
int SDL_SYS_HapticOpen (SDL_Haptic *haptic)
int SDL_SYS_HapticOpenFromJoystick (SDL_Haptic *haptic, SDL_Joystick *joystick)
int SDL_SYS_HapticPause (SDL_Haptic *haptic)
void SDL_SYS_HapticQuit (void)
int SDL_SYS_HapticRunEffect (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect, Uint32 iterations)
int SDL_SYS_HapticSetAutocenter (SDL_Haptic *haptic, int autocenter)
int SDL_SYS_HapticSetGain (SDL_Haptic *haptic, int gain)
int SDL_SYS_HapticStopAll (SDL_Haptic *haptic)
int SDL_SYS_HapticStopEffect (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect)
int SDL_SYS_HapticUnpause (SDL_Haptic *haptic)
int SDL_SYS_HapticUpdateEffect (SDL_Haptic *haptic, struct haptic_effect *effect, SDL_HapticEffect *data)
int SDL_SYS_JoystickIsHaptic (SDL_Joystick *joystick)
int SDL_SYS_JoystickSameHaptic (SDL_Haptic *haptic, SDL_Joystick *joystick)


Uint8 SDL_numhaptics

Function Documentation

void SDL_SYS_HapticClose ( SDL_Haptic haptic)

Referenced by SDL_HapticClose().

void SDL_SYS_HapticDestroyEffect ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect 

Referenced by SDL_HapticDestroyEffect().

int SDL_SYS_HapticGetEffectStatus ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect 
int SDL_SYS_HapticInit ( void  )

Referenced by SDL_HapticInit().

int SDL_SYS_HapticMouse ( void  )
const char* SDL_SYS_HapticName ( int  index)

Referenced by SDL_HapticName().

int SDL_SYS_HapticNewEffect ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect,
SDL_HapticEffect base 

Referenced by SDL_HapticNewEffect().

int SDL_SYS_HapticOpen ( SDL_Haptic haptic)

Referenced by SDL_HapticOpen().

int SDL_SYS_HapticOpenFromJoystick ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
SDL_Joystick joystick 
int SDL_SYS_HapticPause ( SDL_Haptic haptic)

Referenced by SDL_HapticPause().

void SDL_SYS_HapticQuit ( void  )

Referenced by SDL_HapticQuit().

int SDL_SYS_HapticRunEffect ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect,
Uint32  iterations 

Referenced by SDL_HapticRunEffect().

int SDL_SYS_HapticSetAutocenter ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
int  autocenter 

Referenced by SDL_HapticSetAutocenter().

int SDL_SYS_HapticSetGain ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
int  gain 

Referenced by SDL_HapticSetGain().

int SDL_SYS_HapticStopAll ( SDL_Haptic haptic)

Referenced by SDL_HapticStopAll().

int SDL_SYS_HapticStopEffect ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect 

Referenced by SDL_HapticStopEffect().

int SDL_SYS_HapticUnpause ( SDL_Haptic haptic)

Referenced by SDL_HapticUnpause().

int SDL_SYS_HapticUpdateEffect ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
struct haptic_effect effect,
SDL_HapticEffect data 

Referenced by SDL_HapticUpdateEffect().

int SDL_SYS_JoystickIsHaptic ( SDL_Joystick joystick)
int SDL_SYS_JoystickSameHaptic ( SDL_Haptic haptic,
SDL_Joystick joystick 

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