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SDL_x11modes.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"

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struct  SDL_DisplayData
struct  SDL_DisplayModeData


int X11_GetDisplayBounds (_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay *sdl_display, SDL_Rect *rect)
void X11_GetDisplayModes (_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay *display)
Uint32 X11_GetPixelFormatFromVisualInfo (Display *display, XVisualInfo *vinfo)
int X11_GetVisualInfoFromVisual (Display *display, Visual *visual, XVisualInfo *vinfo)
int X11_InitModes (_THIS)
void X11_QuitModes (_THIS)
int X11_SetDisplayMode (_THIS, SDL_VideoDisplay *display, SDL_DisplayMode *mode)

Function Documentation

int X11_GetDisplayBounds ( _THIS  ,
SDL_VideoDisplay sdl_display,
SDL_Rect rect 
void X11_GetDisplayModes ( _THIS  ,
SDL_VideoDisplay display 
Uint32 X11_GetPixelFormatFromVisualInfo ( Display *  display,
XVisualInfo *  vinfo 
int X11_GetVisualInfoFromVisual ( Display *  display,
Visual *  visual,
XVisualInfo *  vinfo 
int X11_InitModes ( _THIS  )
void X11_QuitModes ( _THIS  )
int X11_SetDisplayMode ( _THIS  ,
SDL_VideoDisplay display,
SDL_DisplayMode mode