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SDL_yuv_sw_c.h File Reference
#include "SDL_config.h"
#include "SDL_video.h"

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struct  SDL_SW_YUVTexture


typedef struct SDL_SW_YUVTexture SDL_SW_YUVTexture


int SDL_SW_CopyYUVToRGB (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata, const SDL_Rect *srcrect, Uint32 target_format, int w, int h, void *pixels, int pitch)
SDL_SW_YUVTextureSDL_SW_CreateYUVTexture (Uint32 format, int w, int h)
void SDL_SW_DestroyYUVTexture (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata)
int SDL_SW_LockYUVTexture (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata, const SDL_Rect *rect, void **pixels, int *pitch)
int SDL_SW_QueryYUVTexturePixels (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata, void **pixels, int *pitch)
void SDL_SW_UnlockYUVTexture (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata)
int SDL_SW_UpdateYUVTexture (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata, const SDL_Rect *rect, const void *pixels, int pitch)
int SDL_SW_UpdateYUVTexturePlanar (SDL_SW_YUVTexture *swdata, const SDL_Rect *rect, const Uint8 *Yplane, int Ypitch, const Uint8 *Uplane, int Upitch, const Uint8 *Vplane, int Vpitch)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 53 of file SDL_yuv_sw_c.h.

Function Documentation

int SDL_SW_QueryYUVTexturePixels ( SDL_SW_YUVTexture swdata,
void **  pixels,
int pitch 

Definition at line 1105 of file SDL_yuv_sw.c.

References SDL_SW_YUVTexture::pitches, and SDL_SW_YUVTexture::planes.

void SDL_SW_UnlockYUVTexture ( SDL_SW_YUVTexture swdata)

Definition at line 1267 of file SDL_yuv_sw.c.

int SDL_SW_UpdateYUVTexturePlanar ( SDL_SW_YUVTexture swdata,
const SDL_Rect rect,
const Uint8 Yplane,
int  Ypitch,
const Uint8 Uplane,
int  Upitch,
const Uint8 Vplane,
int  Vpitch