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afangles.c File Reference
#include "aftypes.h"

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 af_sort_pos (FT_UInt count, FT_Pos *table)
 af_sort_widths (FT_UInt count, AF_Width table)

Function Documentation

af_sort_pos ( FT_UInt  count,
FT_Pos table 

Definition at line 247 of file afangles.c.

References FT_Pos, i, j, and swap().

Referenced by af_latin2_metrics_init_blues(), and af_latin_metrics_init_blues().

af_sort_widths ( FT_UInt  count,
AF_Width  table 

Definition at line 270 of file afangles.c.

References i, j, and swap().

Referenced by af_latin2_metrics_init_widths(), and af_latin_metrics_init_widths().