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alhelpers.h File Reference
#include <unistd.h>

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#define Sleep(x)   usleep((x)*1000)


ALsizei BytesToFrames (ALsizei size, ALenum channels, ALenum type)
const char * ChannelsName (ALenum chans)
void CloseAL (void)
ALsizei FramesToBytes (ALsizei size, ALenum channels, ALenum type)
ALenum GetFormat (ALenum channels, ALenum type, LPALISBUFFERFORMATSUPPORTEDSOFT palIsBufferFormatSupportedSOFT)
int InitAL (void)
const char * TypeName (ALenum type)
void AL_APIENTRY wrap_BufferSamples (ALuint buffer, ALuint samplerate, ALenum internalformat, ALsizei samples, ALenum channels, ALenum type, const ALvoid *data)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Sleep (   x)    usleep((x)*1000)

Definition at line 6 of file alhelpers.h.

Function Documentation

ALsizei BytesToFrames ( ALsizei  size,
ALenum  channels,
ALenum  type 

Definition at line 324 of file alhelpers.c.

References FramesToBytes().

Referenced by LoadSound(), StartPlayer(), and UpdatePlayer().

const char* ChannelsName ( ALenum  chans)
void CloseAL ( void  )
void AL_APIENTRY wrap_BufferSamples ( ALuint  buffer,
ALuint  samplerate,
ALenum  internalformat,
ALsizei  samples,
ALenum  channels,
ALenum  type,
const ALvoid data 

Definition at line 253 of file alhelpers.c.

References alBufferData(), and FramesToBytes().