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cidload.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "cidload.h"
#include "ciderrs.h"
#include "cidtoken.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_cidload


static void cid_done_loader (CID_Loader *loader)
 cid_face_open (CID_Face face, FT_Int face_index)
 cid_get_offset (FT_Byte **start, FT_Byte offsize)
static FT_Error cid_hex_to_binary (FT_Byte *data, FT_Long data_len, FT_ULong offset, CID_Face face)
static void cid_init_loader (CID_Loader *loader, CID_Face face)
static FT_Error cid_load_keyword (CID_Face face, CID_Loader *loader, const T1_Field keyword)
static FT_Error cid_parse_dict (CID_Face face, CID_Loader *loader, FT_Byte *base, FT_Long size)
 cid_parse_font_matrix (CID_Face face, CID_Parser *parser)
static FT_Error cid_read_subrs (CID_Face face)
 parse_expansion_factor (CID_Face face, CID_Parser *parser)
 parse_fd_array (CID_Face face, CID_Parser *parser)


static const T1_FieldRec cid_field_records []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_cidload

Definition at line 37 of file cidload.c.

Function Documentation

static void cid_done_loader ( CID_Loader loader)

Definition at line 526 of file cidload.c.

References cid_parser_done().

Referenced by cid_face_open().

cid_face_open ( CID_Face  face,
FT_Int  face_index 
cid_get_offset ( FT_Byte **  start,
FT_Byte  offsize 

Definition at line 42 of file cidload.c.

Referenced by cid_load_glyph(), and cid_read_subrs().

static FT_Error cid_hex_to_binary ( FT_Byte data,
FT_Long  data_len,
FT_ULong  offset,
CID_Face  face 
static void cid_init_loader ( CID_Loader loader,
CID_Face  face 

Definition at line 516 of file cidload.c.

References FT_MEM_ZERO, and FT_UNUSED.

Referenced by cid_face_open().

static FT_Error cid_parse_dict ( CID_Face  face,
CID_Loader loader,
FT_Byte base,
FT_Long  size 
parse_expansion_factor ( CID_Face  face,
CID_Parser parser 

Variable Documentation

const T1_FieldRec cid_field_records[]

Definition at line 265 of file cidload.c.