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TIntermAggregate Class Reference

#include <intermediate.h>

Inherits TIntermOperator.

Public Member Functions

 TIntermAggregate ()
 TIntermAggregate (TOperator o)
 ~TIntermAggregate ()
virtual TIntermAggregategetAsAggregate ()
bool getDebug ()
const TStringgetName () const
bool getOptimize ()
TIntermSequencegetSequence ()
bool getUseEmulatedFunction ()
bool isUserDefined () const
void setDebug (bool d)
void setName (const TString &n)
void setOptimize (bool o)
void setUseEmulatedFunction ()
void setUserDefined ()
virtual void traverse (TIntermTraverser *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermOperator
TOperator getOp () const
bool isConstructor () const
bool modifiesState () const
void setOp (TOperator o)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermTyped
 TIntermTyped (const TType &t)
int elementRegisterCount () const
int getArraySize () const
virtual TIntermTypedgetAsTyped ()
const char * getBasicString () const
TBasicType getBasicType () const
TString getCompleteString () const
int getNominalSize () const
TPrecision getPrecision () const
TQualifier getQualifier () const
const char * getQualifierString () const
const TTypegetType () const
TTypegetTypePointer ()
bool isArray () const
bool isMatrix () const
bool isScalar () const
bool isVector () const
void setType (const TType &t)
int totalRegisterCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermNode
 TIntermNode ()
virtual ~TIntermNode ()
virtual TIntermBinarygetAsBinaryNode ()
virtual TIntermConstantUniongetAsConstantUnion ()
virtual TIntermLoopgetAsLoopNode ()
virtual TIntermSelectiongetAsSelectionNode ()
virtual TIntermSymbolgetAsSymbolNode ()
virtual TIntermUnarygetAsUnaryNode ()
const TSourceLocgetLine () const
void setLine (const TSourceLoc &l)

Protected Member Functions

 TIntermAggregate (const TIntermAggregate &)
TIntermAggregateoperator= (const TIntermAggregate &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TIntermOperator
 TIntermOperator (TOperator o)
 TIntermOperator (TOperator o, TType &t)

Protected Attributes

bool debug
TString name
bool optimize
TIntermSequence sequence
bool useEmulatedFunction
bool userDefined
- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermOperator
TOperator op
- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermTyped
TType type
- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermNode
TSourceLoc line

Detailed Description

Definition at line 460 of file intermediate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIntermAggregate::TIntermAggregate ( )

Definition at line 462 of file intermediate.h.

TIntermAggregate::TIntermAggregate ( TOperator  o)

Definition at line 463 of file intermediate.h.

TIntermAggregate::~TIntermAggregate ( )

Definition at line 464 of file intermediate.h.

TIntermAggregate::TIntermAggregate ( const TIntermAggregate )

Member Function Documentation

virtual TIntermAggregate* TIntermAggregate::getAsAggregate ( )

Reimplemented from TIntermNode.

Definition at line 466 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by ForLoopUnroll::FillLoopIndexInfo(), and TOutputGLSLBase::visitAggregate().

bool TIntermAggregate::getDebug ( )

Definition at line 480 of file intermediate.h.

References debug.

bool TIntermAggregate::getOptimize ( )

Definition at line 478 of file intermediate.h.

References optimize.

bool TIntermAggregate::getUseEmulatedFunction ( )

Definition at line 483 of file intermediate.h.

References useEmulatedFunction.

Referenced by TOutputGLSLBase::visitAggregate().

bool TIntermAggregate::isUserDefined ( ) const
TIntermAggregate& TIntermAggregate::operator= ( const TIntermAggregate )
void TIntermAggregate::setDebug ( bool  d)

Definition at line 479 of file intermediate.h.

References d, and debug.

void TIntermAggregate::setName ( const TString n)

Definition at line 471 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by switch(), and RenameFunction::visitAggregate().

void TIntermAggregate::setOptimize ( bool  o)

Definition at line 477 of file intermediate.h.

References optimize.

void TIntermAggregate::setUseEmulatedFunction ( )

Definition at line 482 of file intermediate.h.

References useEmulatedFunction.

void TIntermAggregate::setUserDefined ( )

Definition at line 474 of file intermediate.h.

References userDefined.

Member Data Documentation

bool TIntermAggregate::debug

Definition at line 493 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getDebug(), and setDebug().

TString TIntermAggregate::name

Definition at line 489 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getName().

bool TIntermAggregate::optimize

Definition at line 492 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getOptimize(), and setOptimize().

TIntermSequence TIntermAggregate::sequence

Definition at line 488 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getSequence(), and traverse().

bool TIntermAggregate::useEmulatedFunction

Definition at line 497 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getUseEmulatedFunction(), and setUseEmulatedFunction().

bool TIntermAggregate::userDefined

Definition at line 490 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by isUserDefined(), and setUserDefined().

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