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TIntermConstantUnion Class Reference

#include <intermediate.h>

Inherits TIntermTyped.

Public Member Functions

 TIntermConstantUnion (ConstantUnion *unionPointer, const TType &t)
TIntermTypedfold (TOperator, TIntermTyped *, TInfoSink &)
virtual TIntermConstantUniongetAsConstantUnion ()
bool getBConst (int index) const
float getFConst (int index) const
int getIConst (int index) const
ConstantUniongetUnionArrayPointer () const
virtual void traverse (TIntermTraverser *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermTyped
 TIntermTyped (const TType &t)
int elementRegisterCount () const
int getArraySize () const
virtual TIntermTypedgetAsTyped ()
const char * getBasicString () const
TBasicType getBasicType () const
TString getCompleteString () const
int getNominalSize () const
TPrecision getPrecision () const
TQualifier getQualifier () const
const char * getQualifierString () const
const TTypegetType () const
TTypegetTypePointer ()
bool isArray () const
bool isMatrix () const
bool isScalar () const
bool isVector () const
void setType (const TType &t)
int totalRegisterCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermNode
 TIntermNode ()
virtual ~TIntermNode ()
virtual TIntermAggregategetAsAggregate ()
virtual TIntermBinarygetAsBinaryNode ()
virtual TIntermLoopgetAsLoopNode ()
virtual TIntermSelectiongetAsSelectionNode ()
virtual TIntermSymbolgetAsSymbolNode ()
virtual TIntermUnarygetAsUnaryNode ()
const TSourceLocgetLine () const
void setLine (const TSourceLoc &l)

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermTyped
TType type
- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermNode
TSourceLoc line

Detailed Description

Definition at line 365 of file intermediate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIntermConstantUnion::TIntermConstantUnion ( ConstantUnion unionPointer,
const TType t 

Definition at line 367 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by fold().

Member Function Documentation

virtual TIntermConstantUnion* TIntermConstantUnion::getAsConstantUnion ( )
bool TIntermConstantUnion::getBConst ( int  index) const
float TIntermConstantUnion::getFConst ( int  index) const

Definition at line 372 of file intermediate.h.

References ConstantUnion::getFConst(), and unionArrayPointer.

Referenced by fold(), and TIntermediate::promoteConstantUnion().

void TIntermConstantUnion::traverse ( TIntermTraverser it)

Implements TIntermNode.

Definition at line 31 of file IntermTraverse.cpp.

References TIntermTraverser::visitConstantUnion().

Member Data Documentation

ConstantUnion* TIntermConstantUnion::unionArrayPointer

Definition at line 381 of file intermediate.h.

Referenced by getBConst(), getFConst(), getIConst(), and getUnionArrayPointer().

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