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TranslatorHLSL Class Reference

#include <TranslatorHLSL.h>

Inherits TCompiler.

Public Member Functions

 TranslatorHLSL (ShShaderType type, ShShaderSpec spec, ShShaderOutput output)
virtual TranslatorHLSLgetAsTranslatorHLSL ()
const sh::ActiveUniformsgetUniforms ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TCompiler
 TCompiler (ShShaderType type, ShShaderSpec spec)
virtual ~TCompiler ()
bool compile (const char *const shaderStrings[], size_t numStrings, int compileOptions)
virtual TCompilergetAsCompiler ()
const TVariableInfoListgetAttribs () const
ShHashFunction64 getHashFunction () const
TInfoSinkgetInfoSink ()
int getMappedNameMaxLength () const
NameMapgetNameMap ()
TSymbolTablegetSymbolTable ()
const TVariableInfoListgetUniforms () const
bool Init (const ShBuiltInResources &resources)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TShHandleBase
 TShHandleBase ()
virtual ~TShHandleBase ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void translate (TIntermNode *root)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TCompiler
void clearResults ()
void collectAttribsUniforms (TIntermNode *root)
bool detectCallDepth (TIntermNode *root, TInfoSink &infoSink, bool limitCallStackDepth)
bool enforceFragmentShaderTimingRestrictions (const TDependencyGraph &graph)
bool enforcePackingRestrictions ()
bool enforceTimingRestrictions (TIntermNode *root, bool outputGraph)
bool enforceVertexShaderTimingRestrictions (TIntermNode *root)
const ArrayBoundsClampergetArrayBoundsClamper () const
ShArrayIndexClampingStrategy getArrayIndexClampingStrategy () const
const BuiltInFunctionEmulatorgetBuiltInFunctionEmulator () const
const TExtensionBehaviorgetExtensionBehavior () const
const ShBuiltInResourcesgetResources () const
ShShaderSpec getShaderSpec () const
ShShaderType getShaderType () const
bool InitBuiltInSymbolTable (const ShBuiltInResources &resources)
bool limitExpressionComplexity (TIntermNode *root)
void mapLongVariableNames (TIntermNode *root)
void rewriteCSSShader (TIntermNode *root)
bool validateLimitations (TIntermNode *root)

Protected Attributes

sh::ActiveUniforms mActiveUniforms
ShShaderOutput mOutputType
- Protected Attributes inherited from TShHandleBase
TPoolAllocator allocator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file TranslatorHLSL.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TranslatorHLSL::TranslatorHLSL ( ShShaderType  type,
ShShaderSpec  spec,
ShShaderOutput  output 

Definition at line 12 of file TranslatorHLSL.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual TranslatorHLSL* TranslatorHLSL::getAsTranslatorHLSL ( )

Reimplemented from TShHandleBase.

Definition at line 17 of file TranslatorHLSL.h.

const sh::ActiveUniforms& TranslatorHLSL::getUniforms ( )

Definition at line 18 of file TranslatorHLSL.h.

References mActiveUniforms.

Referenced by ShGetInfoPointer().

void TranslatorHLSL::translate ( TIntermNode root)

Member Data Documentation

sh::ActiveUniforms TranslatorHLSL::mActiveUniforms

Definition at line 23 of file TranslatorHLSL.h.

Referenced by getUniforms(), and translate().

ShShaderOutput TranslatorHLSL::mOutputType

Definition at line 24 of file TranslatorHLSL.h.

Referenced by translate().

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