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Zeni::Text_Button Class Reference

A Text Button Widget. More...

#include <Widget.h>

Inherits Zeni::Widget_Button, and Zeni::Widget_Renderer_Text.

Inherited by Zeni::Configurator_Video::Apply_Button, Zeni::Configurator_Video::Cancel_Button, Zeni::Configurator_Video::Check_State::Accept_Button, Zeni::Popup_Menu_State::Configure_Video_Button, Zeni::Popup_Menu_State::Continue_Button, Zeni::Popup_Menu_State::Menu_Button, Zeni::Popup_Menu_State::Quit_Button, Zeni::Selector::Normal_Button, Zeni::Selector::Selector_Button, Zeni::Title_State< PLAY_STATE, INSTRUCTIONS_STATE >::Instructions_Button, and Zeni::Title_State< PLAY_STATE, INSTRUCTIONS_STATE >::Play_Button.

Public Member Functions

 Text_Button (const Point2f &upper_left_, const Point2f &lower_right_, const String &font_name_, const String &text_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zeni::Widget_Button
 Widget_Button (const Point2f &upper_left_, const Point2f &lower_right_)
const Stateget_State () const
 Get the State of the button. More...
virtual void on_accept ()
 Called when the cursor is released inside the button. More...
virtual void on_click ()
 Called when the cursor downclicks the button. More...
virtual void on_hover ()
 Called when the cursor passes over the button. More...
virtual void on_mouse_button (const Point2i &pos, const bool &down, const int &button)
virtual void on_mouse_motion (const Point2i &pos)
virtual void on_reject ()
 Called when the cursor is released outside the button. More...
virtual void on_stray ()
 Called when the cursor is dragged off the button after being clicked. More...
virtual void on_unhover ()
 Called when the cursor leaves the button without clicking. More...
virtual void on_unstray ()
 Called when the cursor is dragged back onto the button without releasing the clicker. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zeni::Widget
 Widget ()
virtual ~Widget ()
void fax_Renderer (const Widget_Render_Function *const &renderer)
 Set the current Widget_Render_Function, giving the Widget a copy. More...
const float & get_layer () const
const Widget_Render_Functionget_Renderer () const
 Get the current Widget_Render_Function. More...
void give_Renderer (Widget_Render_Function *const &renderer)
 Set the current Widget_Render_Function, giving the Widget ownership. More...
const bool & is_busy () const
const bool & is_editable () const
void lend_Renderer (const Widget_Render_Function *const &renderer)
 Set the current Widget_Render_Function, giving the Widget no ownership. More...
void on_event (const SDL_KeyboardEvent &event)
void on_event (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &event)
void on_event (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &event, const Projector2D &projector)
void on_event (const SDL_MouseMotionEvent &event)
void on_event (const SDL_MouseMotionEvent &event, const Projector2D &projector)
virtual void on_key (const SDL_Keysym &, const bool &)
virtual void perform_logic ()
void render () const
virtual void render_impl () const
void set_busy (const bool &busy_)
virtual void set_editable (const bool &editable_)
void set_layer (const float &layer_=0.0f)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zeni::Widget_Rectangle
 Widget_Rectangle (const Point2f &upper_left_, const Point2f &lower_right_)
virtual ~Widget_Rectangle ()
Point2f get_center () const
float get_height () const
Point2f get_lower_left () const
const Point2fget_lower_right () const
const Point2fget_upper_left () const
Point2f get_upper_right () const
float get_width () const
bool is_inside (const Point2i &pos) const
virtual void set_lower_right (const Point2f &lower_right_)
virtual void set_upper_left (const Point2f &upper_left_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zeni::Widget_Renderer_Text
 Widget_Renderer_Text (const String &font_name_, const String &text_, const Color &color_)
virtual Widget_Renderer_Textget_duplicate () const
virtual void render_to (const Widget &widget)
 rect must be of type Widget_Rectangle More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Zeni::Widget_Render_Function
virtual ~Widget_Render_Function ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Zeni::Widget_Button
enum  State {
- Public Attributes inherited from Zeni::Widget_Renderer_Text
Color color
String font_name
String text

Detailed Description

A Text Button Widget.

Any simple click-button with text overlaid should inherit from this class.


Contact: bazal.nosp@m.d@ze.nosp@m.nipex.nosp@m..com

Definition at line 492 of file Widget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Zeni::Text_Button::Text_Button ( const Point2f upper_left_,
const Point2f lower_right_,
const String font_name_,
const String text_ 

Definition at line 331 of file Widget.hxx.

References Zeni::Widget::give_Renderer().

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