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content.ContentProcessor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_chapter
def add_markup
def finish
def parse_sources
def process_content
def reset
def set_section

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 340 of file content.py.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def content.ContentProcessor.__init__ (   self)
initialize a block content processor

Definition at line 342 of file content.py.

References DetectCallDepth::FunctionNode.reset(), pp::Token.reset(), T1_Hints_FuncsRec_.reset, and content.ContentProcessor.reset().

Member Function Documentation

def content.ContentProcessor.add_chapter (   self,

Definition at line 362 of file content.py.

def content.ContentProcessor.add_markup (   self)
add a new markup section

Definition at line 373 of file content.py.

References content.ContentProcessor.markup, and content.ContentProcessor.markup_lines.

Referenced by content.ContentProcessor.process_content().

def content.ContentProcessor.finish (   self)
def content.ContentProcessor.parse_sources (   self,

Definition at line 420 of file content.py.

def content.ContentProcessor.process_content (   self,
process a block content and return a list of DocMarkup objects
   corresponding to it

Definition at line 389 of file content.py.

References content.ContentProcessor.add_markup(), content.ContentProcessor.markup, and content.ContentProcessor.markups.

def content.ContentProcessor.reset (   self)
reset the content processor for a new block

Definition at line 367 of file content.py.

Referenced by content.ContentProcessor.__init__(), and sources.SourceProcessor.parse_file().

def content.ContentProcessor.set_section (   self,
set current section during parsing

Definition at line 353 of file content.py.

References content.ContentProcessor.section, content.DocChapter.sections, and content.ContentProcessor.sections.

Member Data Documentation


Definition at line 349 of file content.py.

Referenced by content.ContentProcessor.finish().


Definition at line 351 of file content.py.

Referenced by tohtml.HtmlFormatter.block_enter().


Definition at line 371 of file content.py.

Referenced by content.ContentProcessor.add_markup().


Definition at line 347 of file content.py.

Referenced by content.ContentProcessor.set_section().

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