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sh::DetectGradientOperation Class Reference

#include <DetectDiscontinuity.h>

Inherits TIntermTraverser.

Public Member Functions

bool traverse (TIntermNode *node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermTraverser
 TIntermTraverser (bool preVisit=true, bool inVisit=false, bool postVisit=false, bool rightToLeft=false)
virtual ~TIntermTraverser ()
void decrementDepth ()
int getMaxDepth () const
void incrementDepth ()
virtual bool visitBinary (Visit visit, TIntermBinary *)
virtual bool visitBranch (Visit visit, TIntermBranch *)
virtual void visitConstantUnion (TIntermConstantUnion *)
virtual bool visitLoop (Visit visit, TIntermLoop *)
virtual bool visitSelection (Visit visit, TIntermSelection *)
virtual void visitSymbol (TIntermSymbol *)

Protected Member Functions

bool visitAggregate (Visit visit, TIntermAggregate *node)
bool visitUnary (Visit visit, TIntermUnary *node)

Protected Attributes

bool mGradientOperation
- Protected Attributes inherited from TIntermTraverser
int depth
int maxDepth

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TIntermTraverser
static TString hash (const TString &name, ShHashFunction64 hashFunction)
- Public Attributes inherited from TIntermTraverser
const bool inVisit
const bool postVisit
const bool preVisit
const bool rightToLeft

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file DetectDiscontinuity.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool sh::DetectGradientOperation::traverse ( TIntermNode node)

Definition at line 77 of file DetectDiscontinuity.cpp.

References mGradientOperation, and TIntermNode::traverse().

Referenced by sh::containsGradientOperation().

bool sh::DetectGradientOperation::visitAggregate ( Visit  visit,
TIntermAggregate node 
bool sh::DetectGradientOperation::visitUnary ( Visit  visit,
TIntermUnary node 

Reimplemented from TIntermTraverser.

Definition at line 84 of file DetectDiscontinuity.cpp.

References EOpDFdx, EOpDFdy, TIntermOperator::getOp(), and mGradientOperation.

Member Data Documentation

bool sh::DetectGradientOperation::mGradientOperation

Definition at line 45 of file DetectDiscontinuity.h.

Referenced by traverse(), visitAggregate(), and visitUnary().

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