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default_cursor.h File Reference

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#define DEFAULT_CHEIGHT   16
#define DEFAULT_CHOTX   0
#define DEFAULT_CHOTY   0
#define DEFAULT_CWIDTH   16


static const unsigned char default_cdata []
static const unsigned char default_cmask []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEFAULT_CHEIGHT   16

Definition at line 26 of file default_cursor.h.

#define DEFAULT_CHOTX   0

Definition at line 27 of file default_cursor.h.

#define DEFAULT_CHOTY   0

Definition at line 28 of file default_cursor.h.

#define DEFAULT_CWIDTH   16

Definition at line 25 of file default_cursor.h.


Definition at line 31 of file default_cursor.h.

Variable Documentation

const unsigned char default_cdata[]
Initial value:
= {
0x00, 0x00,
0x40, 0x00,
0x60, 0x00,
0x70, 0x00,
0x78, 0x00,
0x7C, 0x00,
0x7E, 0x00,
0x7F, 0x00,
0x7F, 0x80,
0x7C, 0x00,
0x6C, 0x00,
0x46, 0x00,
0x06, 0x00,
0x03, 0x00,
0x03, 0x00,
0x00, 0x00

Definition at line 35 of file default_cursor.h.

const unsigned char default_cmask[]
Initial value:
= {
0xC0, 0x00,
0xE0, 0x00,
0xF0, 0x00,
0xF8, 0x00,
0xFC, 0x00,
0xFE, 0x00,
0xFF, 0x00,
0xFF, 0x80,
0xFF, 0xC0,
0xFF, 0xE0,
0xFE, 0x00,
0xEF, 0x00,
0xCF, 0x00,
0x87, 0x80,
0x07, 0x80,
0x03, 0x00

Definition at line 54 of file default_cursor.h.