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floor0.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <ogg/ogg.h>
#include "vorbis/codec.h"
#include "codec_internal.h"
#include "registry.h"
#include "lpc.h"
#include "lsp.h"
#include "codebook.h"
#include "scales.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "os.h"
#include <stdio.h>

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static void floor0_free_info (vorbis_info_floor *i)
static void floor0_free_look (vorbis_look_floor *i)
static voidfloor0_inverse1 (vorbis_block *vb, vorbis_look_floor *i)
static int floor0_inverse2 (vorbis_block *vb, vorbis_look_floor *i, void *memo, float *out)
static vorbis_look_floorfloor0_look (vorbis_dsp_state *vd, vorbis_info_floor *i)
static void floor0_map_lazy_init (vorbis_block *vb, vorbis_info_floor *infoX, vorbis_look_floor0 *look)
static vorbis_info_floorfloor0_unpack (vorbis_info *vi, oggpack_buffer *opb)


const vorbis_func_floor floor0_exportbundle

Function Documentation

static void floor0_free_info ( vorbis_info_floor i)

Definition at line 50 of file floor0.c.

References _ogg_free, and memset.

Referenced by floor0_unpack().

static void floor0_free_look ( vorbis_look_floor i)

Definition at line 58 of file floor0.c.

References _ogg_free, and memset.

static int floor0_inverse2 ( vorbis_block vb,
vorbis_look_floor i,
void memo,
float *  out 
static vorbis_look_floor* floor0_look ( vorbis_dsp_state vd,
vorbis_info_floor i 

Definition at line 146 of file floor0.c.

References _ogg_calloc, vorbis_info_floor0::barkmap, and vorbis_info_floor0::order.

static void floor0_map_lazy_init ( vorbis_block vb,
vorbis_info_floor infoX,
vorbis_look_floor0 *  look 

Variable Documentation

const vorbis_func_floor floor0_exportbundle
Initial value:
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
static vorbis_info_floor * floor0_unpack(vorbis_info *vi, oggpack_buffer *opb)
Definition: floor0.c:74
static void floor0_free_look(vorbis_look_floor *i)
Definition: floor0.c:58
static vorbis_look_floor * floor0_look(vorbis_dsp_state *vd, vorbis_info_floor *i)
Definition: floor0.c:146
static int floor0_inverse2(vorbis_block *vb, vorbis_look_floor *i, void *memo, float *out)
Definition: floor0.c:195
static void * floor0_inverse1(vorbis_block *vb, vorbis_look_floor *i)
Definition: floor0.c:159
static void floor0_free_info(vorbis_info_floor *i)
Definition: floor0.c:50

Definition at line 219 of file floor0.c.