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zconf.h File Reference

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#define const
#define FAR
#define MAX_MEM_LEVEL   9
#define MAX_WBITS   15 /* 32K LZ77 window */
#define OF(args)   ()
#define SEEK_CUR   1 /* Seek from current position. */
#define SEEK_END   2 /* Set file pointer to EOF plus "offset" */
#define SEEK_SET   0 /* Seek from beginning of file. */
#define z_off_t   long
#define ZEXPORT(x)   static x
#define ZEXPORTVA(x)   static x
#define ZEXTERN(x)   static x
#define ZEXTERNDEF(x)   static x


typedef unsigned char Byte
typedef Byte FAR Bytef
typedef char FAR charf
typedef int FAR intf
typedef unsigned int uInt
typedef uInt FAR uIntf
typedef unsigned long uLong
typedef uLong FAR uLongf
typedef Bytevoidp
typedef Byte FARvoidpf

Macro Definition Documentation

#define const

Definition at line 91 of file zconf.h.

Referenced by Zeni::String::at(), Zeni::String::begin(), Zeni::String::end(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator!=(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator!=(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator!=(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator!=(), Zeni::String::operator!=(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator*(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator*(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator*(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator*(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator+(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator+(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator+(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator+(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator-(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator-(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator-(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator-(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator->(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator->(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator->(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator->(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator<(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator<(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator<(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator<(), Zeni::String::operator<(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator<=(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator<=(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator<=(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator<=(), Zeni::String::operator<=(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator==(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator==(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator==(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator==(), Zeni::String::operator==(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator>(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator>(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator>(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator>(), Zeni::String::operator>(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator>=(), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator>=(), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator>=(), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator>=(), Zeni::String::operator>=(), Zeni::String::iterator::operator[](), Zeni::String::const_iterator::operator[](), Zeni::String::reverse_iterator::operator[](), Zeni::String::const_reverse_iterator::operator[](), Zeni::String::operator[](), Zeni::String::rbegin(), and Zeni::String::rend().

#define FAR

Definition at line 215 of file zconf.h.

Referenced by get_crc_table(), and inflate_table().

#define MAX_MEM_LEVEL   9

Definition at line 114 of file zconf.h.

Referenced by deflateInit2_().

#define MAX_WBITS   15 /* 32K LZ77 window */

Definition at line 124 of file zconf.h.

Referenced by deflateInit_(), and gz_open().

#define OF (   args)    ()

Definition at line 146 of file zconf.h.

#define SEEK_CUR   1 /* Seek from current position. */
#define SEEK_END   2 /* Set file pointer to EOF plus "offset" */
#define z_off_t   long

Definition at line 254 of file zconf.h.

Referenced by gzoffset(), gzseek(), gztell(), test_gzio(), and zlibCompileFlags().

#define ZEXPORT (   x)    static x

Definition at line 202 of file zconf.h.

#define ZEXPORTVA (   x)    static x

Definition at line 205 of file zconf.h.

#define ZEXTERN (   x)    static x

Definition at line 208 of file zconf.h.

#define ZEXTERNDEF (   x)    static x

Definition at line 211 of file zconf.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char Byte

Definition at line 219 of file zconf.h.

typedef Byte FAR Bytef

Definition at line 228 of file zconf.h.

typedef char FAR charf

Definition at line 230 of file zconf.h.

typedef int FAR intf

Definition at line 231 of file zconf.h.

typedef unsigned int uInt

Definition at line 221 of file zconf.h.

typedef uInt FAR uIntf

Definition at line 232 of file zconf.h.

typedef unsigned long uLong

Definition at line 222 of file zconf.h.

typedef uLong FAR uLongf

Definition at line 233 of file zconf.h.

typedef Byte* voidp

Definition at line 240 of file zconf.h.

typedef Byte FAR* voidpf

Definition at line 239 of file zconf.h.